Digital Interactive Kiosk


An automotive dealership requires an interactive kiosk that will reside in the lobby. The kiosk is designed to provide additional information about the new vehicles available at the dealership.

Room Needs Assessment


Kiosk content is created by the marketing department of the manufacturer of the vehicle being sold at the dealership. The IT department will administer the system and perform updates as they become available.

Viewing Distance Range

Between 1-3 feet (0-1 meters)

Control Interface

A control interface mounted within the kiosk that will allow the user to switch between a PC and a media player.

Display Requirements

A single 42" LCD Screen

Computer Sources

PC with an Internet connection

Other Sources

Media Player

Audio Requirements

Audio playback of PC and Media Player content

Functional Requirements

A pressure sensitive mat will allow the system to sense the presence of a user. The user will be able to toggle between the PC and the media player from the kiosk and will be allowed to pull up specific media clips on vehicles of interest and access the Internet to customize a vehicle with specific options with the intent of ordering it from the dealer. Whenever the kiosk is not in use, it should automatically switch to the media player and play a video clip of the dealer's choice.

Special Requirements

Control within the kiosk will power the system ON and OFF at the start and end of each business day as well as monitor the status of the attached LCD display. Additionally, the dealership wants to make sure the system is powered on and the media player is connected during business hours and would like to be notified via e-mail should one of those conditions not be met.

System Design Solution

Control System Configuration

This system requires the basic capabilities of Global Configurator, including: Certified Drivers, Monitors. GUI Configurator will be used for the TouchLink Touchpanel Design.

Control System

An IPL SFI 244 will serve as the core of this system and will be capable of controlling both the display and the media player. An Extron TLP 1000MV mounted within the kiosk will toggle between the PC and the media player and will allow the user to pull up specific media clips on vehicles of interest and be to adjust the volume of the content being played back. A pressure-sensitive mat positioned on the floor in front of the kiosk will be connected to the Flex I/O on the IPL SFI 244 and will serve to indicate when a user is standing at the kiosk.


The two sources are mounted within the kiosk: a PC with an Internet connection and a media player.


A single 42" LCD display with two high resolution inputs allows for both the PC and the media player to feature content. The RS-232 controllable display enables the control processor to switch between the display's inputs based on the user's interaction with the kiosk as well as whenever the system is not in use.


The audio from both the PC and the media player will be played back through the display.